about    21st-cc   ( the 21st Century Constructions )      We work with the developing of new ideas and inventions to           make our life in the 21st century, much more sustainable  --                         By involving some of the millions of people, not working today,         in these processes, it is possible to work on many ideas at the   same time.  .                                                                                           .          Look under " Udviklings Grupper"  (Developing Groups )                                                                                           Tommy von Pein the founder of 21st-cc:  "I can follow my family back to         year 926, more than a 1.000 years or 42 generations.  That´s why I feel a special responsibility to preserve the only globe where one can live,                      in such a good condition, that the coming 42 generations - to year 3.000            can live good lives on Mother Earth, without suffering for for the plunde-         -ring and polluting done now"  You might feel the same responsibility - although you don´t know your family back to the viking age -agree ?                  So maybe we could work together .   Our aim is to make Denmark - Europe - The World - greener,  more Sustainable in any way, in order preserve the only globe we know of for the coming generations.   I am in the special position that, I can follow my                                               family "von Pein"  back to year 926 = 42 generations,                      therefor I feel a special responsibility, to do whats possible not         to harm the living conditions for the coming 42 generations.               Don´t  you feel the same responsibility ?                                              So let´s work together !! Politicians are saying from year 2050   they will act green, We are saying let´s act NOW- let´s develop      the new techniques, systems and way of living sustainable and   good, all around the World NOW.                                                                                                    


 Road transport is using 30<40% of the energy - it is necessary, but it is          giving us a heavy pollution, changing the Earth climate and a lot of noise.

What can one do about it ?- driving our cars, and at the same time getting          rid of most of the problems ?     21st-cc can percent the solution:               C=Roads meaning CONVEYER = ROADS      Where ANY type and size              of cars and trucks + containers - can drive without pollution or noise        on Ever-lasting Energy : Clean - Silent - Speedy - Safe - Cheap -                 and with a very high transport capacity - up to 6 times more per lane.

                                                                                                                                         ( B )   MORE SUSTAINABLE BUILDINGS   

Our buildings are using 30<40 % of our energy-- of course in particular in the cold zone, but now a days even in hot climate zones, using air-condition.        In Denmark we have for many years been insulating our buildings OK,   Therefor we can guide firms in the other countries.

Now we have to cut down our heat lost, to a very low level, Next to 0         Made the traditional way, that can cost a lot, up to 1/2 the price of the building.     Therefor we have worked on alternative solutions for: Smart Insulation    Effective - clean and quick to install in existing buildings - therefor cheap 


"SUPER<>FLEX  Meaning: Flats - Offices -Hospitals  WHERE EVERYTHING CAN BE CHANGED QUICKLY : Floor / Sealing / Walls / Room seize / and installations like :        Bath room / Kitchen / Operation theatre / + All other technical installations.                                          Within time, the use of most buildings will change - sometime only after a few years    or even months. With "SUPER<>FLEX " everything can quickly be moved around . 

HANGING GARDENS  and other hot climate techniques:

The fast growing population, demand more land to grow their food, at the   same time, more areas are giving the farmers big problems, with no rain or      to much rain, washing the soil away. And in the 21st century we cant except people in the hot countries with up to 50  degree C   to do hard farm labor.  Therefor we have developed this planting system, saving <85% water  +        expand the planting area a lot + making the maintain+harvest much easier.      In Denmark we have been forced to cut down the cost of heating very much.   The still hotter climate in the countries near Equator, force them to use air-condition - demanding enormous amount of electricity = pollution + CO2.        In total that will double the World Electricity production within 30 years

    With our know-how and systems, it could be done almost without oil & CO2


 Plant fiber Insulated tents for refugees                                                                   .                     .                             And Refugee camps as training schools                                   

  Decent Trade  Help introducing this new direct aid system into big shops in your town and country. And most important : If you have a family background in a poor country, you could give invaluable know-how and contacts in the old land - securing that the aid is helping the wright persons. 

ALL THESE PROJECTS CAN ONLY COME TROUGH, IF YOU AND AND OTHER PEOPLE ARE JOINING HANDS, supporting with, what each one   is good at.   ONLY we ordinary people can make the World better,   Ensuring reasonable living condition for the coming generations.

Therefore please contact me on:  mail@21st-cc.dk  (45) 47 17 11 90            arkt. Tommy von Pein     Sösum DK 3670 Veksö     Denmark


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